Wandering Identity

Wandering Identity (A Hourou Musuko Analysis)

As I began writing a character analysis of Saori Chiba from Hourou Musuko, I realized I couldn’t say all I needed to say without first establishing the nature of identity in this show. Obviously, a story that deals heavily with gender and sexuality also has to grapple with identity. That being said, we won’t be looking at identity strictly through the lens of gender issues. We’re going to investigate a more universal idea of identity—applicable to any scenario and any perspective.


Whether or not gender and sexuality are things we should include when we think about what a ‘personal identity’ consists of is a discussion for another time. We won’t be investigating what attributes are included in Hourou Musuko’s concept of identity, we’ll be figuring out what factors influence the formation of personal identity. The topic isn’t what identity is, but rather how is identity formed (and the show’s opinion of those influencing factors).Read More »